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Hot Links, Wednesday July 29, 2009

KGB Weaving Stereotypes
KGB is an answering service where you can send a question via text and get an answer. I actually texted a question to the service several months ago when I heard about it on Twitter but haven’t used it since, so it pretty much fell off my radar until now. The has a clip of an ad for KGB which features an all black female cast in a hair salon. All I can say ask is what were they thinking? What they were thinking is that in 2009 it is acceptable to depict black women as loud talking, sassy acting, weave wearers who go off when they find that their hair comes from an unacceptable source. Now don’t get me wrong, we certainly have some sassy weave wearing sisters, but this is such a small representation of who we are. However for a person who doesn’t come in contact with a lot of black women but does come in contact with this ad, there’s certainly a chance that when they meet a black woman an expectation of who she is and how she behaves has already been set. We’re talking about a stereotypes gang, we’re talking about a climate in which my expectation unfortunately is that stereotypes will continue to be perpetuated and even experience an upswing. In fact we already have. Think about all the racist cartoons that have been passed around since the election of President Obama, the latest being the President as witch doctor. Now folks will say, hey it’s just jokes, they’re just selling product, they’re just this or that well I say we can’t accept those excuses. So as far as KGB is concerned or anyone else who indulges in this type of activity I’m encouraging you and all that you know, to put them on blast. Let them know clearly via word a mouth, via print, via video and especially and most importantly via WALLET, that you, him, her WE are not going to allow it.

Glenn Beck, “this guy, I believe, is a racist”
The quote above expresses what I believe to be true about Glenn Beck however this is something that HE said on the Fox morning show about President Obama. Check out this clip from The Retort. Faux News is the home of the lunatic fringe of which Beck is a card carrying member, yet with all the hate spewed on this channel they continue to remain on the air. Are they on the air because we haven’t done anything to shut them down? I know, I know we have free speech in this country and all but speaking hate to millions of people and sponsors paying millions of dollars co-signing that hate shouldn’t get a pass from us under the guise of freedom of speech. If you want to do something about Fox take a look at all the sponsorship information posted in the comments below the link and please put them all on blast.

BIA2 the same ole same
I got sucked in. All the way up until the day of the first show I’d determined that I wasn’t watching Black in America part 2 on CNN. Part 1 after all the hype was a complete bust of stories that we’ve heard many times over that really helped to reinforce notions that black folks have it hard, black folks are in jail coming out of jail or on their way to jail, sisters can’t get a man because of the lack of eligible black men and so forth and so on. This time I figured I could definitely make better use of my time. Then I got the call from my Godsister and her powers of persuasion made me give it a whirl. Needless to say I got caught up in the whirlwind of the same script as the first. In fact, I didn’t even finish watching the first night and felt like something was missing on the second. Another bust, yes it was. I don’t even want to wax academic, poetic or otherwise on BIA2, I will let this second link from The Retort sum it up for me, because it is dead on.

Didn’t know what they were getting, but if they did?
I’ve talked about
payday loans in a previous post regarding the rate at which these “businesses” exists in neighborhoods of color as opposed to white neighborhoods. An interesting piece from Slate discusses the impact that borrower education has on the rate of borrowing. A study by University of Chicago economists Marianne Bertrand and Adaire Morse indicates that the number of applicants for a payday loan decreases by 10% once the potential borrower is educated on the actual cost of the loan. I actually like the idea of borrower education for these loans. That said, I’d like to see payday loan operations shut down, however in the interim education combined with a lowering of these rates could be beneficial to those most in need of them. What I’d like to see is more education in the areas of budgeting, saving, lending and borrowing for people of color (who are the biggest users of these loans) in order to negate the need for the loans and eventually negate the need for this type of business.

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Hot Links, Tuesday July 28, 2009

Please excuse the hiatus. My mind has really been trying to wrap itself around all the madness and mayhem that's gone on these last few weeks. In fact my pen or should I say my keyboard actually went silent on this blog the day Dr. Gates was arrested in his own home and I am still processing all the implications and nuances of the incident. That said I want to lead off today's hot links with this post that talks about how the race of the officer is inconsequential when it comes to the treatment of the person in custody, especially when they are black.

Remove Dobbs
The Southern Poverty Law Center has sent a letter to the president of CNN, Joe Klein requesting the removal of Lou Dobbs over his continued fueling of the "birther" fire. Klein had declared the story dead last week but seemingly has backed away from it over this past weekend. Sounds ratings driven to me and ratings in this case trump the responsibility to report the truth. I've got two questions when it comes to Dobbs and what I contend is his well known aversion to people of color 1)Is this latest incident regarding the President and the lunatic birthers enough to get him canned? and 2)If this is a big enough deal where is the outrage from other civil rights organizations (NAACP, Urban League, SCLC, NAN)?

The Neighborhood and Income
I am not surprised by this: "Researchers have found that being raised in poor neighborhoods plays a major role in explaining why African American children from middle-income families are far more likely than white children to slip down the income ladder as adults. " Findings from a recent study by The Pew Charitable Trusts Economic Mobility Project continue to show economic disparities between blacks and whites, this time at the middle income level.

The Seat that Mos sits in
I love Mos Def. He's one of my favorite artists, talented, brilliant, a black man. I just read this piece regarding his appearance on Bill Maher's show and watched the video referred to in the piece and am shaking my head right now because I can't begin to process what went on. Maybe you can help and maybe you can tell me how many of us, sit in the seat the Mos sits in regarding mistrust of the media and the establishment. Please weigh in.

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I Got Links Thursday July 16, 2009`

Black In America 2
As of this date I still have no plans to watch Black in America 2. I thought the first one was wack, with rehashed stories that if you are Black in America you already know, you're already living it. There was such a build-up last year and looks like the build-up has begun again. Pre-screenings are happening across the nation to build that hype, but turning folk away who are "on the list" to get in is going to build any hype all it's going to do is piss people off and put CNN on blast. What's a crime shame is that representatives from CNN believe that being able to turn away INVITED folks at the door is a win. They are dead wrong, this is a major FAIL. If any of you were fortunate enough to get in to a pre-screening, please share your thoughts on the series here.

Free to Spew Hate
Summertime and the hating is easy on the Free Republic. I'm sure you've heard by now the racist, hate-filled spewing on this "conservative" site about the Obama during their recent overseas trip. What was said was appalling but not surprising and we need to go ahead and bury this whole notion of post-racial society. Who came up with that anyway? For the lunatic racist hate spewing fringe, the end of the world as they knew happened upon the election of the first African-American President. They are emboldened to let all manner of vileness fly out of their mouths especially on the web. Still haven't seen what's going on? Still in denial? Take a look at this. Free Republic has since pulled the thread. Recognize please and I can't hammer it enough, the thread has been pulled, the hate still exists. Wake up already.

Cook's Objection is a WIN
Army Major Stefan Frederick Cook has filed as a conscientious objector indicating that he can not serve his tour because he believes the POTUS is not a natural born citizen. As of yesterday his orders have been revoked for what was to be his upcoming tour in Afghanistan and his loony lawyer claims this is a victory. I agree with her. It is a victory for the U.S. Armed Services and for America because this dude is too detached from reality to be an effective combatant. Would it be possible for him to be dishonorably discharged? Veteran's please weigh in.

Same Sex Marriage, Religiosity & Black Civil Rights Orthodoxies
The argument rages on in the Black community regarding marriage equality, especially among black Christians. Obviously there is a disconnect by African-American Christians that marriage equality is a civil rights issue, not a religious issue. Black folk are not the sole heirs to the civil rights throne. When are we going to get that? More of my thoughts on this at a later date. I want to know what you think about the denial of marriage equality in our community.

The Michael Jackson Effect
We mourn the loss, we revel in his artistry and are glued to the unfolding scandal surrounding the cause of death, custody battles and the settling of his estate. Amidst the chaos surrounding the death of Michael Jackson is this piece. Come up for air and get a chuckle, please.

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Wednesday Links July 15,2009

Gross Income is a Gross Error

There is an excellent piece on the disadvantage of using gross income when dealing with financial institutions and social service agencies on Jack and Jill Politics. If you've financed anything or applied for any type of social services this will absolutely hit home for you. The question: why on earth is the ability to get a loan or get assistance based on income that never lands in your pocket? The second question: what do we do collectively to make these applications for loans/assistance reflective of the money we actually live on. JJP is looking for solutions, so am I.

Valley Club Retreats
The Valley Club in Huntingdon PA (suburban Philadelphia) is back-peddling on their stance of not letting those black children from Creative Steps Day Camp in their pool. National attention, outrage from regular folk like you and a subpoena from the state Human Rights position has backed the Club into a welcome stance for these children. Here's the rub: as usual this organization, like other groups and individuals are doing the right thing because they were FORCED to do so. Allowing these kids to come to the club is fine, however unless there is a wholesale policy change and a wholesale mindset change in the leadership of this club how do we know that what they did will not happen again once this incident has been forgotten. Secondly, I wonder if these children even want to go the club now? These children touched the fire and got burned and they won't forget it. There's some work to do for Valley Club and for Alethea Wright the director of Creative Steps in terms of helping the children understand that what happened to them is DEAD wrong, that this probably won't be the last time they face this type of treatment and that when they do, they have to stand up and fight back. My hope is that we'll all be standing with them.

The Sessions Record Write-Out
This was pretty slick in case you missed it. What Media Matters is calling the "
major" newspapers in the U.S. neglected to report that while Senator Jeff Sessions R-AL, a stone cold racist, questioned SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayor's ability to rule impartially, he has a history of racial rulings and comments. His history is well known and has been reported, by some of these same papers previously, his history and reporting of it have been neglected during the confirmation hearings.

Extremists in the Military
I'm going to make an assumption that if there's a racist next door, at the store and the office next to yours, then there's certainly some in the military . The Southern Poverty Law Center has requested a Congressional investigation of
extremist infiltration into the U.S. armed services. The request is based on research conducted by SPLC since 2006 if racist social networking sites in which some members have described their professsion/background as "military". Right now, there is no standard for handling incidents involving racists/extremists in the military but are handled on a case by case basis. How? I don't know. I'd like to hear from some of you who have served in the military who have come up against extremists, extremist ideology and the like. We know that on social networks, people can sometimes pretend to be something that they are not. I'm suggesting that more research be done on the actual than on the virtual. Let me know your thoughts.

Healthcare Reform and the Hip-Hop Community
"The Healthcare Remix" panel discussion held in honor of J Dilla took place on July 8 at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) headquarters in Washington DC. Phife of A Tribe Called Quest as well as the mother of Dilla, Maureen Yancey were two of the panelists in this discussion regarding healthcare reform advocacy by the Hip-Hop and artist communities.

Links, comments, questions - let's engage

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Hot Links, Tuesday July 14, 2009

"The Black Press" Needs to Be More Accessible To Us Online

I just read this article by Danielle C. Belton (the Black Snob) referencing a post by the Black Informant that was critical to the Black Press. The essence of the argument is that the Black Press doesn't get the same access as mainstream press and bloggers, not because of they are black but because they are operating in a dying medium, have low circulation and have not embraced technology. I agree with the argument. Should our black press be saved? Yes, however the press has to acknowledge the changes that have hit their industry and ride with the times. Upon that acknowledge strategies have to be created and implemented that would move them into the 21st century. This is going to cost money. Black Informant has mentioned stimulus money, I don't think that's going to happen. I think that the survival of the black press is dependent on regular folks like you and me. What I like to hear from you is ways in which we can make that happen.

On Black in America 2

Here's one more item from The Retort on CNN's Black in America Part 2, the much hyped sequel to last summer's Black in America which was a major FAIL! I won't be tuning in to this one.

Twisting the truth on Abortion

Conservatives are launching full blast into a grassroots campaign that ties healthcare reform to the notion that taxpayers will be funding abortions. This is absolutely not true, but is no less a tactic that could derail legislation that would decrease the costs of healthcare to everyone, provide coverage to anyone who wants it and place further restrictions on providers of reproductive health services.

The choice for Surgeon General

Accomplished and ready to serve the POTUS choice for this nation's surgeon general is Dr. Regina Benjamin.

Liz Pinch Hitting for Daddy
News broke this weekend that former V.P. Dick Cheney gave direct orders to the CIA to withhold details from congress regarding secret counterterrorism activities. As a result Attorney General Eric Holder is now considering appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the Bush/Cheney administration. Liz Cheney came out swinging in defense of her daddy with these words: "You know the notion that this administration is going to come into office and they’re going to prosecute the brave men and women who carried out this program that kept America safe. It is, it is un-American."

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On these Links Monday July 13, 2009

Putnam and Mica in the Doghouse
Republican Representatives Adam Putnam and John Mica from Florida are on the hotseat. Presente Action, a Progressive Latino organization have gone on the attack against Republican leaders who have not come out against the Rush Limbaugh's remarks that SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayor is a "bigot and a racist" The ad, in Spanish and English have put these folks and blast and asks supporters to blow up the phones of Congressman Putnam, 863-534-3530 and Mica 407-657-8080.

The Weary West Wing
We know all about this POTUS, taking off at breakneck speed, putting in more work upfront than the former President had in eight years. Apparently, the pace is starting to wear on the staff, many of whom have abandoned work-out schedules, get a few hours of sleep and respond to emails at 3:00 am and are on call 24-7. Some of these folk are veteran staffers from the Clinton Administration who knew the ropes but hadn't experienced a pace anything like the one of this POTUS.

Millennial Generation, Forgotten by Policy
Russell Simmons and Maya Enista discuss how the Millennial Generation, born between 1976 and 1996 have been all but left out of economic policy discussions to this point, even though their rates of unemployment, lack of health insurance and debt burden are staggering. However, it's not all bad news.

Charles Krauthammer hates the POTUS

First of all, I don't even know who this dude is, but I guess I need to pay attention. He's a former speechwriter for Walter Mondale who is now a conservative columnist, most notably for the Washington Post Writers Group. He's also a 1987 Pulitzer prize winner for commentary and guess what, he thinks President Obama is foreign policy weak. His latest example comes from the POTUS visit/deal brokering in Russia. Here are links to more of his work.

Birth in Chains
There was no clever way to title this. The title from Racewire is sufficient. I first heard these stories about women being shackled during childbirth on the Al Sharpton show. That this goes on is not surprising, considering that the populations most effected are African-American and Latino. There are only two states in which shackling mothers delivering babies in prison are against the law. Right now the Rebecca Project is working with Senators Richard Durbin (D-IL) and Tom Coburn ( R-OK) to end the practice of shackling and restraining pregnant women in the prison system. I am shaking thinking about this.

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Link it Up! Friday July 10, 2009

No Black Kids in the Pool - Update has begun a petition campaign to the Department of Justice against Valley Club in Pennsylvania. The campaign condemns the actions of the Club and requests the DOJ investigate whether the Club violated federal civil rights laws. Thanks to Jack and Jill Politics for providing this update. To sign the petition go here. There is also news that the state of PA will be investigating "claims" of racial discrimination against Valley Club.

Dean on the Healthcare Reform

Dr. Howard Dean will be leading a townhall at Netroots Nation on August 14, 2009 in Pittsburgh PA and he's talking your questions. Check the Netroots link above for more information. To learn about Dr. Dean's work with Democracy for America on Healthcare reform, go here.

Hannity and Faux News
I don't know what channel it is on Comcast and I cringe when I see it playing in public places, I'm talking about Fox News. The channel that was begun supposedly as the fair and balanced source for news is nothing but a platform for the smearing of all things left of center/democratic/progressive. Media Matters has a nice summary (one of many on Faux News) on one Sean Hannity's most recent smears.

Obama Spends Stimulus on Backers
Also from Faux News, the POTUS is pumping the most stimulus money into those counties that backed him in the Presidential election. Here's the real deal, economically depressed areas, ones that were receiving the most federal monies under the Bush administration, are areas that voted for President Obama in the recent election, end of story. If you want to see how the jokers at Faux do it, be my

Robert Reich says No Recovery
Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich is putting it down. He's talking about the new normal. The recovery will not look like anything that we've seen before. The argument is simple and convincing. I think he's dead on.

Questions, comments? I don't have all the answers but together we can work through them. Drop me a line.

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Links and Grits for Thursday July 9, 2009

Hate on Twitter
The hateful lunatic fringe has arrived on Twitter. We know that the far right is there, but we're talking hate groups like League of the South, the Jewish Defense League, Federation for American Immigration Reform and the Traditional Values Coalition. These groups are tweeting-a-plenty. The beauty of America is that you have the right to speak freely, the shame of a America is the hate that continues to perpetuate itself in every fabric of our society, including social media.

The Hijacking of Black Wealth
What is the purpose of the two attorneys who are in charge of Michael Jackson's estate? Are they there to protect his assets and pay his debts or are they there to rob a black family of wealth? Take a look at this and weigh in.

Senator of Hate
Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has come out against the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor because she served on the board of the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund. Leading Latino rights organizations have come out against his objection by letter. Sessions has a history of coming out against minority organization, but had at one time thought the KKK was "ok".

No Black Kids in the Pool
I credit spreading the word on this story to Rippa. 60 campers, African-American children were turned away from the private Valley Swim Club in north Philadelphia, even though they had paid $1900 to attend the club. Little white kids started exiting the pool en-mass upon their arrival, and parents were running scared . The quoted reason that the children were turned away is most appalling: ""There was concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion … and the atmosphere of the club," John Duesler, President of The Valley Swim Club said in a statement. Sounds like he is on some old don't touch black folk it might rub off type ish. All this in 2009. I will say it until I am blue black, we're not living in a post-racial society, it seems as though the level of hate has ratcheted upon the election of an African-American president. The hate is digging in. The question for me is, what are we going to do to stop it. Our children - yes these children in Philadelphia belong to the collective we were subjected to hate. What are we going to do, to protect them?

Sanford is on the Job
With the passing of MJ and the abrupt resignation of Mooseburger, the love-Gov Mark Sanford (R-SC) is back on the job. He released a public schedule of events--that contained no public events. Clearly he hasn't recovered.

Got links, got questions, get at me.

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Linking It - Wednesday July 8, 2009

Payday Loans
This article discusses research from the Center for Responsible Lending. They found that in the state of California Payday Lenders are found in African-American and Latino communities at a rate that is eight (8) times higher than that found in white communities. There is currently a bill, H.R. 1214, `Payday Loan Reform Act of 2009' that was introduced to provide more protection to consumers. Right now it is in the House Subcommittee on Financial Services.

There's been a lot of talk in recent years about the abuses of payday lenders and the mountain of debt accumulated by those who take out these cyclical loans. Those this study is specific to California, I will make the bold assumption that this result could be replicated anywhere in the U.S. I live in a community with a high Latino population and trust me, the payday and title loan business are everywhere and booming.

Finally Franken
Yesterday Al Franken was sworn in to the U.S. Senate by Vice President Joe Biden. It's about time!

No Love for the POTUS
While President Obama was in Russia handling the important business of reducing nuclear weapons, the world was captivated by the Michael Jackson memorial service. Here's what the POTUS had to say.

CNN and Reform Fear Mongering
Have you watched CNN lately? Dialing it up on my remote becomes more and more scarce. This is part of the reason why. CNN is no longer the most trusted source for news as far as I'm concerned.

The Gift that keeps on Quitting
A nice one on Mooseburger and her inability to hold down a job.

Do you have links, questions, comments? Drop me a line.

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Order Up! Hot Links for Tuesday July 7, 2009

The Bleeding has not Stopped

Foreclosures are still raging and the current administration's plan isn't working well enough. Why? There aren't enough people to handle the number of loans that require modification, the banks don't want to modify because it cuts into their profit and finally the current administration isn't putting the screws to these banks to get the job done. This one is easy: if you received TARP then you -- bank need to make it priority to do what you can to keep people in there homes. In addition there should be some expansion of programs that have worked in other states that allow people to stay in the current homes and rent. What is hard about this?

Why must you choose?

This just makes me sad because it's an oft-repeated story, manufacturing plants, refineries, mills and landfills smack dab in the middle of communities of color. The people get sick, the companies don't want to make the upgrades to keep the environment clean and safe for the welfare of the people. The latest example is Chevron in Richmond, CA and these folks are playing hardball.

How to Take Back America
Conservative groups will be having a pow-wow in September to "Take Back America". This conference is a "momentum building, leadership conference that will teach the grassroots how to use the internet and how to connect after the conference using new technologies like “Webinar,” as well as equip them with talking points on battle-front issues..." One of this conferences featured speakers is none other than the Minnesota Moron, Michele Bachmann. My question is who are these conservatives taking America from? Didn't they already take America?

The Non-Smoking Gun

Former President George W. Bush will prominently feature a 9mm Glock 18C in his new $200m presidential library sheduled to open in 2013. The unloaded gun was found on Saddam Hussein at the time of his capture. This makes perfect sense for the former First Cowboy.

Powell puts it down

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell gives Rush Limbaugh the business on John King's show, but of course, he keeps it classy.

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Get your Hot Links: Monday July 6, 2009

Caught Up - Marion Barry
He could be in the Caught Up Hall of Fame, but I'm letting bygones be bygones besides, the media will be sure to bring up every last one of his past indiscretions. On the evening of July 4, 2009 a woman in Anacostia Park in Washington flagged down police, pointed at a car occupied by former Mayor now Councilman Marion Barry and stated he was stalking her. He was arrested, processed and released and is required to make a court appearance. I've not seen anymore details on this story yet but I am befuddled and bewildered and ignorant of stalking law. I did not know that all it takes is to point out a person to the police and tell them they are stalking you to get them arrested. Blogosphere, please point me in the right direction because my cursory glance at this arrest brings me to a "sounds fishy" conclusion. Please fee free to school me and if you're in the D.C. area and have more details on Barry's arrest and the accuser, let me know.

Photo: AP File photo

Cynthia McKinney Released
Former U.S. Rep and Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney was released from Israeli custody on Sunday and is returning home. McKinney and a group of 20 other humanitarians from the Free Gaza Movement were detained by Israeli military when their ship (carrying humanitarian aid) entered a blockade zone. Israeli officials indicate that the group could have been release sooner but refused to sign a document acknowledging violation of the blockade. I'm glad she and the rest of the group are on their way back home, I'm sad that the mission of the group has been so overshadowed and all but neglected by the media during this last week. We were served up with plenty of helpings of MJ (RIP) and the debacle that is Sarah Palin while the mission of the group and their being detained have largely been ignored. As former constituent/supporter of McKinney I don't like it and as an arbiter of peace I loathe the fact that items that are NOT news fill up the news cycle while the plight of those in need go ignored.

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Moose on the Loose
The trainwreck that is Sarah Palin made a skittish incoherent announcement in front of local media (put on blast by the mainstream) that she will not complete her term as governor and will step down at the end of the month. I watched this foolishness from my couch in disbelief and wonder because the move is inexplicable. I didn't watch any of the morning news shows (King Federer was on yesterday) so I was unable to catch any spin and that's a good thing. As for me and my house I'm glad to see her gone, she was woefully unqualified for the position she was to occupy, was she even qualified to be the Governor of Alaska? No. If you want some analysis you can check this link.

Serena whooped on Big Sis Venus in the all Williams ladies final at Wimbledon on Saturday. The Williams sisters also were crowned the ladies doubles champs. Hate all you want, Roger Federer is the king and proved it in his marathon win over Andy Roddick, who most likely played the match of his life.

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Hot Links, Thursday July 2, 2009

Good morning, a holiday is upon us but the beat goes on. Here's today's Hot Links.

Petition to re-open the case of Troy Davis
Please go to the Amnesty International link for more information on Troy Davis and to sign the petition.

They’re afraid of the PUBLIC OPTION, because it will stop their GRAVY TRAIN
Here's the thing, as a consumer of health care I have never received a drop of gravy. The insurance companies and our representation in D.C. are doing nothing but getting paid while quality of care suffers and cost of care skyrockets. We got to mobilize on this one. There is no reason on this earth that everyone in the United States shouldn't have healthcare. We won't though if we don't put the screws to the right people.

He is Whipped and has got to Go
Yes Gov Mark Sanford is whipped, sprung, wide open and absolutely love struck and his GOP cronies want him OUT. Seems though that the next in line is not much better.

Waaahhh, they wouldn't let me run!
Guess that's how Palin got those great legs. This is a really silly whine, but funny.

We should be thankful
For being knee deep in you know what. That's what Karl Rove says.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

7/1/09 Wednesday Hot Links

"...racial profiling continues to tear away at the social fabric of American communities."
Well this is something that people of color in America just KNOW. What I didn't know is that racial profiling in this country is supposed to be history. A bill introduced in the 1990's the End Racial Profiling Act was to see to in fact, but it never quite made it through. The last introduction of it was in 2007 and was referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security where it was basically DOA. The Justice Department also came out with a memo banning racial profiling. This applies to federal law enforcement agencies, still allows them plenty of wiggle room and doesn't apply to state and local law enforcement agencies, you know those agencies who would be doing the profiling in the first place.

Representative John Conyers (D-MI) was the last sponsor of the Act. I'd be interested in knowing whether this bill will be re-introduced in this session. If I had to put money on it I'd say know, the economic crisis is the priority right now (matters of race, not so much). If the bill is not reintroduced, then I'd certainly like to know whether Eric Holder's justice department is going to do anything to address it. Maybe we need to apply some heat to our representatives to get the ball rolling again. What do you think?

The POTUS goes to church
Well not really. The President and his family have decided to attend Evergreen Chapel at Camp David, just like W did (though I'm not convinced that he was in touch with the creator at ALL). I'm asking the same thing they're asking in the article. The POTUS and family couldn't find an acceptable congregation to join in D.C.? Maybe the POTUS doesn't want to make a controversial choice and is sticking to a supposedly tried and true practice, however to me Evergreen Chapel does two things 1)it distances him from the African-American community, he was able to worship in a body of believers that looked like him before, what is different now? and 2)not being visible in a "church" setting will only feed into the belief by nutjobs that the POTUS faith is suspect.

The Minnesota Moron and the Census
Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) considers her faux crusade against the census and the evil ACORN census taking empire on the Sean Hannity radio show. She's still insisting she won't answer, insisting that ACORN is administering it, insisting that Americans read it for themselves and not answer it. I have suggested previously, that I hope that those of Bachmann's ilk would take her advice and refrain from taking the census and why they should. Last night I heard Alison Stewart who was sitting in for Rachel Maddow on MSNBC confirm my logic. The very district that Bachmann represents, could be lost.

The other nutty Michelle
I love this piece by Liza Sabater in Culture Kitchen on Michelle Malkin. If you don't know who she is a woman of color and favored talking piece of the lunatic fringe (the far far right).

As always, comments, links, suggestions, questions are encouraged.